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Incorporating Art and Music in Home Care

Incorporating Art and Music in Home Care

When providing home care services, utilizing art and music can be very helpful. Especially for beneficiaries with Alzheimer’s, incorporating art and music activities or having both around can impact the care setting and benefit home care recipients through the following ways and more:

  • Art and music allow for creativity and self-expression.
  • Art and music can uplift emotions and encourage positivity.
  • Art and music can help ease irritability or agitation.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, caregivers should identify the type of music that maximizes such benefits. A good starting point would be to select music that is familiar to the home care beneficiaries. When it comes to crafting and all sorts of art activities, caregivers should always guide their beneficiaries and should ensure beforehand that all supplies used are safe and non-toxic.

To avail the services of caregivers, visit Annointed Hands Homecare LLC, an agency that provides reliable and excellent home care in Memphis, Tennessee. All of its services are performed by caregivers with a passion for service and a commitment to personalized and compassionate care.

Contact the agency through its website http://www.annointedhandshomecarellc.com/ to learn more. They also offer private duty care, transitional care, respite care services in Tennessee, and plenty more.

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